As a firm with strong conviction in integrity and belief in philanthropic values, Adams & Moore recognises that without financial donations many organisations would not be able to continue to do their work to help others.

Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that we can confirm that during 2013 financial year, Adams & Moore donated over £15,000 to international, national and local charities including Children's Safety Education Foundation, NSPCC, Islamic Relief and WaterAid.

In addition, we have taken positive steps to establish a culture where our staff have the firm’s support to take part in activities that help those less fortunate than themselves. We believe that these efforts will help to create a better and more fulfilled society.

Ride for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK

We are proud to announce that Avril and her pony, Honey, took part in the Ride for Life held on 5 July 2015; approximately 400 horses took part in the ride. The event, which raised over £140,000 in previous years, involved riding over 8 miles off road with optional jumps. About the event, Avril said, “After a very exciting start with me hanging on for dear life, Honey and I completed the 8 mile course in 2 hours and 15 minutes. The majority of the ride was one speed, fast! Honey had major issues whenever she was overtaken by much bigger horses. We all had a lovely time and the weather was great.” Well done Avril and Honey.

Ride for Life

Greenwich and Bexley Hospice

We are proud to announce that Adams & Moore were represented at the Greenwich and Bexley Hospice’s inaugural Colour Run held at Danson Park, Bexley on Sunday, 17 May 2015. It was a beautiful day and the sun shone down on the multitude of runners and walkers who had so kingly given up their day to complete the 5KM circuit. To help with the merriment, staff at the various colour stations positioned along the route pelted the participants with as much coloured paint as possible! After the event, refreshments and music continued, and the whole event was set to raise well over £20,000 for the hospice. We pleased to say that due to efforts of Egle, Hayley, Marlene and Molly who took part in the event on Sunday, and the generous donations from family, friends, colleagues and Adams & Moore, we were able to raise over £1000! We would like to say very big thank you to those who participated and donated to this fantastic cause.

Greenwich and Bexley Hospice event photo

Nepal Disaster

As many will know, Nepal suffered devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015. In support of the relief efforts from various charities, countries and Nepalese people, Adams & Moore organised a number of events at Adams & Moore House and raised an incredible amount of nearly £1000. This is an amazing effort and we are, as always, very proud of our team’s achievements and thank for them for the substantial donations which will go some way to help the survivors of the earthquake.

Severity of Nepal Disaster diagram

Thanks to the huge generosity of our staff who took part in a couple of events at work in December 2013, we were able to raise £400 for EllenorLions Hospices. The image below depicts Isobel from EllenorLions Hospice collecting a cheque from Marlene Guttenberg, who organised the events that led to the collection of the funds.

Check for £400 given to EllenorLions Hospice

Natalie Riley, Angie Jackson and Emma Greatorex took part in a fast in aid of three charities, Breast Cancer Campaign, British Hearth Foundation and WaterAid respectively.

Check for £1,225 given to a number of charites

Finally, Gori Olusina Daniel has also taken part in the South African Challenge, a non-profit event designed to inspire and engage young leaders to develop core leadership and life skills in order to empower them to initiate and execute projects.

South Africa Challenge