Merger News


We are pleased to announce that Adams & Moore merged with Eurobaltika with effect from 1 August 2016.

With history dating to the 1940s, Adams & Moore is one of the largest independent Chartered Certified Accountancy and professional services firms in the UK. With its team of experienced and qualified staff, it currently serves clients from the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa.

For over 10 years Eurobaltika has grown to become one of the leading tax and accountancy practices in the UK servicing Eastern European clients with business interests in the UK. Olga Jachimovic, Founder and CEO of Eurobaltika, and her team have served their clients with distinction, providing their clients with professional care and support towards the achievement of their personal and business interests in the UK.

For years Adams & Moore and Eurobaltika have worked together on various projects, with A&M supporting Eurobaltika clients with a range of specialist advice for more complex cases. Therefore, it seemed only natural that when Eurobaltika decided to amalgamate its business with a larger practice, that it chose Adams & Moore. This unification is a strategic decision to enhance the range of services accessible to former Eurobaltika clients, and improve Adams & Moore’s capability to serve and support clients from Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and Russia with business and investment interests in the UK.

Ms Jachimovic, said “Adams & Moore’s in-depth technical expertise and enviable reputation within the UK and international markets, will ensure that our Eastern European, Russian and Baltic clients will receive an enhanced level of care and access to a wider range of business, audit and tax advisory services. The combined business is better positioned to serve clients in an ever changing environment where the need to remain innovative and focused on delivering practical solutions to clients’ challenges is critical for their continued success. Having worked with Adams & Moore for many years on various projects, this was a natural progression. We look forward to working more closely with our new colleagues and continuing to serve our loyal clients.”

Gori Olusina Daniel, Advisory Partner at Adams & Moore, stated “Both firms share the values of delivering a personalised service that exceeds clients’ expectations and meets the highest professional standards. We believe it’s of paramount importance that the strengths and client knowledge of staff at ‘Eurobaltika’ are retained; therefore, the whole team will move to Adams & Moore House and will be available to provide clients with continuity of services.

“This merger represents an important milestone on our journey to reach the UK’s top 50 list of professional services’ firms and we are confidently looking forward to a brighter future by providing clients with first class services.”

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