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Africa PPP Advisory Services

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Africa PPP Advisory Services brings together world-class leading practices and skill sets with in-depth knowledge of local markets and infrastructure asset types. We provide integrated solutions across the asset lifecycle. Whether delivering a new railway, developing a power station or investing in infrastructure assets and other large capital projects, we see the provision of infrastructure service as fundamental to economic performance.

At Africa PPP Advisory Services, we offer an integrated approach to planning and developing PPP and infrastructure projects and we are providing public and private sector clients with a broad range of multi-disciplinary technical, legal and advisory services relating to infrastructure facilities, which extend across various sectors.

We partner with clients in a collaborative manner to provide tangible, viable advice and achieve real sustainable outcomes.With significant complexity involved in the management of project contracts, we offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services to deliver the quality and effectiveness of services, critical to the success of the project. This provides customers with a unique end-to-end solution through the provision of technology, consultancy and guidance –all based on experience of project contracts across the globe and at every stage of the bid, procurement and delivery cycle.Our range of services can be tailored to your specific needs.

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