Non-UK Resident Landlords

Opportunity to Tangible Results

Advice for non-resident clients

Investing in UK property is becoming more and more attractive for overseas investors.

The UK rental market is still in high demand with a record number of purchases by non-UK residents in major cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Like most countries, the UK is highly regulated. Your investment will trigger many legal and taxation matters in the UK that will require attention. Naturally, there are clear benefits to outsourcing your UK tax and administrative affairs to competent and regulated UK advisors to ensure UK tax compliance and efficiency.

Adams & Moore have spent many years looking after and advising non-UK residents on their UK activities. We have a specialist team within our firm dedicated to ensuring your taxation and administrative affairs are kept as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Adams & Moore possess a global clientele ranging from mainland Europe, Africa and the Middle East with over 1,000 clients alone from Far East Asia.

Our range of Overseas Landlord services include:

  • Full HMRC Registration for 1st time buyers
  • Annual Rental Accounts and UK Tax Returns
  • Non-UK Resident Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Returns for when you sell
  • Advice on purchase structures & exit strategies
  • Inheritance Tax review
  • Service Process Agent if required from your mortgage lender
  • Insurance against tax enquires
  • Handle HMRC payments on investor’s behalf

For more information about our Non-UK Resident Landlord services or to enquire about our fees please contact Richard Jepson or Siew-Nee Tan (Mandarin and Cantonese speaker) on +44 (0)1322 27 92 92.

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