Virtual Finance Director

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Virtual Finance Director services in Dartford

The role of the Finance Director is critical in any business in order for it to fully utilise its financial information to influence strategic direction and impact on business operations. However, the cost of having an experienced full time Finance Director can be quite burdensome for some companies.

Adams & Moore provide an outsourced Finance Director service to those companies that want the financial expertise, insight and impact of a professional but don’t want to pay the associated cost. We are able to deliver such a service by letting the client decide when they require the service of a Finance Director and how often. This type of approach makes certain that your business still has access to an experienced professional who understands your business, can provide the support when required and you are only charged for when the service is used.

The main benefits of this approach are depicted below:

  • Your company has access to the expertise of an experienced professional
  • Costs are minimised due to savings in wages, associated employer taxes and employment remuneration benefits (e.g. pensions, sick pay, company car etc.)
  • You will have your systems and procedures reviewed objectively
  • You will receive advice on cash flow, budgets, profit maximisation, cost reduction and tax-efficient investment strategies
  • You will be able to utilise business growth advice
  • You will receive advice on how to prepare effectively for mergers and acquisitions
  • Your company will be able to utilise and develop customised performance measurement tools to understand how to manage the business more effectively
  • You will be provided with access to other experts (e.g. barristers) as and when required
  • An expert will be on call who can make sense of jargon, interrogate financial information and be an ally in your quest for business success

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