Corporate Social Responsibility

At Adams & Moore, we have a positive commitment to our social responsibility as accountants and business advisors, both to our clients and the local business community.

As such, our partners and staff remain constantly focused on ensuring they play a structured and conscientious role in the community, whilst at the same time operating in an ethical manner and ensuring the company’s impact on the environment is minimised as much as is practicable.

Charitable commitment

We remain committed to contributing financially to charities and taking part in local events/initiatives that contribute to the overall well-being of the community. On a more personal level, senior management also donate their money and time to serving local and national charities by providing free advice and services.

We also acknowledge that as we grow and increase our presence across the country, our contribution to society must also expand and we remain committed to achieving this.

Environmental policy

We are conscious that many of our actions and policies impact on the environment. Therefore, we are committed to helping the environment by proactively seeking ways that we can minimise our impact environmentally, both at work and at home. The firm aims to achieve this in a number of ways, from seeking ways to minimise waste to reducing our energy consumption and, when possible, persuading our clients to minimise their impact on the environment. We have taken the following steps internally to achieve this:

  • Reduce the need for travelling by using technological resources such as telephone conferencing.
  • Set up systems to achieve a paperless office
  • Use more recycled paper and FSC paper where possible.
  • Use suppliers and waste removal companies that are also committed to minimising their environmental footprint.

Ethical conduct

We are committed to ensuring that, as well as adhering to the strict rules and guidelines that are imposed on Chartered Certified Accountants, our clients and staff follow a high moral code of conduct. More specifically:

  • we do not engage in activities that are not approved by our regulators or the government;
  • through our business practices, we support organisations that believe in and uphold basic human rights such as freedom from torture, unjust imprisonment, unjust oppression, political representation and freedom of expression and religion;
  • we do not act for organisations that exist to promote terrorist activities, violate human rights or are engaged in activities that are illegal according to UK law; and
  • we do not condone any kind of discrimination, bullying, harassment, dishonesty or other similar activity that undermines the concept of mutual respect.