Corporate Social Responsibility

Focused in three key areas: education, community and sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible employer with an international client base and proud of our roots here in Dartford, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. This core belief is at the cornerstone of many of our recent business decisions and continues to be at the forefront of our procurement and staff placements.

Our principles and Corporate Social Responsibilities are primarily focused in three key areas: education, community and sustainability.


 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)

Education is paramount, not only for our business but also for the community and indeed our existence.

Our contribution to education is two-fold:

  • Firstly to business owners, through our regular local seminars during which we inform and advise the business community on changes to legislation that may affect their operations.
  • Secondly to our work with local students. We have teamed up with the Leigh Academy in Dartford to offer a bespoke enterprise award to recognise a team of students’ entrepreneurship. Our staff also take pride in working with students on various schemes to bridge the gap between education and the working experience.


We are very conscious of our carbon footprint in our global operations and have taken the following practical steps to alleviate both our carbon omissions and our drain on natural resources.

  • We have recently opened an office in Malaysia to service our clients in Asia. This has drastically reduced our air miles in transferring UK staff to service our important clients across the globe.
  • Our continued investment in new technology allows us to experience face-to-face communication with our clients without necessarily travelling great distances. Not only does this further reduce our carbon footprint, but also makes life less stressful for our valuable staff members in terms of time lost to travelling.
  • Historically, our industry has been overwhelmingly paper-based with client signatories required on all of our work to Companies House and HMRC. To combat this, we have recently sourced an “e-signature” facility, whereby signatures are accepted electronically, resulting in reducing our paper requirement by a huge 60%.


As many of our clients are from the locality and over fifty percent of our staff emanate from a six mile radius, our community involvement is naturally strong.

Our staff are given a half a day per month to assist charities of their choice. Benefactors have included the Princess Trust, Greenwich & Bexley Hospice and North Kent Muslim Association to name a few.

Our staff also organise fundraising activities throughout the year, supporting a number of charities including Macmillan Cancer Research, NSPCC and Crises at Christmas.

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